Aizen messed with Juhabach

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Aizen messed with Juhabach

Post  wargrave on Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:47 pm

I think it is funny that Aizen is still able to using his powers while binded and unable to move. And he used it on Juha of all people who couldn't event tell anything happened. I have no idea how Juha would even steal an ability like that when you can't even see it. Plus Aizen's perfect hypnotism just has to work once then you are screwed. This is why Ichigo was the only one who could stop him as he never say Aizen's Zanpakto.

It'd be funny if Aizen knew Juha was going to visit him and it was all apart of his master plan as Aizen already had an inside Quincy person who was telling him everything. Until Juha is knocking mountains down in one stroke, he is not match for Aizen or a Final Getsuga.


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